Love Story: Arthur + Elizabeth

On June 21st, 2011, Arthur and Elizabeth met like many kids do: on the play ground. She was 16 and with a group of her friends, he was 18 and with a group of his friends. Their mutual friends introduced them to each other. They spent the entire day sitting away from the rest of their friends and talking about everything, even though the sun that refused to shine that unseasonably cold summer day.

Their first date was a few weeks later; dessert at Donckers. (To this day, any time that they have anything to celebrate, they have a malt at Donckers.)

At the end of the summer she had to go back to Ohio for school, and he had college to think about. She started her Junior year of high school that fall, and he was all set to start college at Northern Michigan University that coming January. They talked all the time, going no more than a few days without talking to each other. It eventually turned into never going more than a few hours without talking to each other. They called, texted, used Facebook, Skype and kept in touch despite the 10.5 hours and more than 600 miles that came between them.

By December of 2011, Elizabeth didn't know how it would work out in the end but she was sure that she wanted to try things out with Arthur. On December 21st, exactly six months from the day they met, she asked him if she “had permission to exaggerate their friendship.” He said yes, but didn't quite get that she was trying to be smooth about asking him to be her boyfriend. She went the next two months thinking they were dating. That February, while texting, he told her that he was sad that he wouldn't have a Valentine that year. Elizabeth thought it was joke and decided to play along. Arthur asked Elizabeth to be his Valentine and of course, she said yes. So when he then asked her to be his girlfriend, she laughed and told him, “I thought we were already dating.” They still laugh about that mix up.

A month and a half later, Arthur took a 19 and a half hour bus ride down to Ohio for her Junior Prom. At the end of  May, he took 21 hour bus ride back again to help Elizabeth move back to Michigan for her Senior year of high school. She wanted to go to NMU for college to be with Arthur, so she moved in with her grandparents and they adopted her to be able to help her through college.

Over the next 2 years, there was a lot of traveling to and from Marquette and Gwinn for the both of them. Life was easier when Elizabeth and Arthur moved in together in 2014.

On December 21st, 2016 it was their 5th anniversary and Arthur sheepishly told her over dinner that if he had the money, he would have asked her to marry him then. She didn't care about the ring, she just wanted to marry her best friend. It didn't stop her from dreaming though. She had seen a petite sapphire and diamond ring in Wattsson and Wattsson that she had fallen in love with. Elizabeth had shown it to Arthur just once. She told him, "your eyes looked like sapphires when you are truly happy."

Two months later, on February 27th, 2017, he popped the question, complete with the Sapphire engagement ring, over breakfast. 

She had woken up early but couldn't go back to sleep so she quietly got out of bed and started to make chocolate chip pancakes. She wanted to give him breakfast in bed but he woke up right as the pancakes were done so they ate at the kitchen table.

When he was finished with breakfast, he turned to her and told her that he loved her. She said she loved him too and then he got up from the table. He went to the living room and then to the bedroom. When he came back to the kitchen, she was still finishing her last few bites of breakfast. He kissed her right shoulder then sat back down to her left. He called her name, then pulled open the box from Wattsson and Wattsson to reveal the ring she had been dreaming about. Elizabeth thought it was a dream, like it was not really happening... until the unfinished bite of food nearly came out of her mouth. She quickly swallowed and then started shaking her head and gave him her hand. He put the ring on her finger and she looked at it, swelled up with tears of joy.

Unfortunately, it was a Monday and she had class at 10:00 am and an exam she couldn't miss so she had to get ready for class. When she was done getting ready, Arthur got down on one knee, took her hands in his and said, “Elizabeth Grace, I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?” She said “Yes” about a dozen times and started crying happily all over again. She could barely keep it together as she drove to class. She couldn't wait until she was done with classes so she could tell her family and his. Later that night when they did tell their families, everyone was so glad. Elizabeth's grandmother even said, “Finally! It's about time!” and squealed with joy.

Arthur and Elizabeth's wedding date is set for 7 years to the day that they met, June 21st, 2018 at Presque Isle, which is one of their favorite places.

This love story was submitted by Elizabeth Verwey. Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers is proud to play a part in love stories across the U.P. If you'd like to share your love story, email 

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