Chris has more than 20 years of experience repairing jewelry and completes 98% of repairs in our store. Most repairs are completed within one week. 

If you would like to meet with Chris to discuss your repair consultation, appointments are available but are not required. By booking an appointment, Chris will be available to answer any questions you may have about your repair piece. Book an appointment

Below is a list of common repairs to give you and idea of what your repair will cost.

Prices MAY vary. Please visit us for a free estimate. 

Simple Solder - $25
Includes breaks in chain, cracks, etc. Excludes hollow chains.

Soldering Rings Together - $25

Tightening of Stones - $5 per stone

Resizing of Ring

Sizing Down - starts at $50

Sizing Up 1-3mm Thickness Ring
Sizing Up 1 size - $80
Sizing Up each additional size - $39

Sizing Up 3-5mm Thickness Ring
Sizing Up 1 size - $100
Sizing Up each additional size - $45

Sizing up 5-8mm Thickness Ring 
Sizing up 1 size - $125
Sizing up each additional size $60

Sizing Beads (keeps ring upright on finger) - $75

Rerounding of Ring - Free

Retipping of Prongs - $30 per prong

Replacement of Prongs - $35 per prong
Retiping and Replacement includes resetting of stone if necessary.

Re-rhodium - $25

Check, Clean and Buff - Free

Head and Set
Pricing based on size. Average cost is $150, including stone setting. Please bring in your piece for a free estimate. 

Stone Setting
Prong/Basket Set - $15
Flush Set - $35
Price does not include new head. See Head and Set if new head is needed.

Half Shank Replacement - Starting at $450

Up to 20 letters - $20
Each additional letter - $0.75

Book an appointment with Lacee J. Hartzell, GIA Graduate Gemologist, for your free quote. 

All repair work includes free cleaning and buffing of the piece.