If we don't have it, we can create it. We can also redesign rings and pendants into a new style, often using the materials from the original piece. We love working to create that one-of-a-kind piece that represents you. Our custom department can create the perfect piece from scratch, or we can redesign pieces you already own. Estimates are always free, and we never charge a design fee. Custom design consultation takes place at our store, through email or on web conference. Book your free custom design consultation today!

The Custom Design Process

1. Creating Your Design

During this initial step, you’ll work with Chris to create the piece of your dreams. We never charge a design fee, so if you’re curious to talk about a potential design, there is no penalty to come in and get an estimate of what it will look like and the cost it would be to create it. It’s best to book an appointment with Chris to start the process. Chris works with customers in person, over the phone, via email and/or through videoconference.  

Creating the design

2. Making a Wax

After we work together to create your custom design, and you approve it, a wax will be made by our 3D printer. At this point, you get to try on your design! The wax is surrounded by an investment plaster in a flask and is put in the kiln to burn out over 12-24 hours. The shape of the wax is retained in the investment.

3. Casting

Using a torch, your chosen metal is heated until it reaches melting point. The molten metal is then poured into a plaster mold of your wax. The metal fills in the space that was previously occupied by the wax to create the mounting. 

4. Polishing

Your piece is then polished to remove the “button”, extra metal needed to make sure there is enough metal to create the piece. Any extra metal is removed.


5. Stone Setting

Once the initial polish is complete, stones are added to the creation. A number of tools are used to put the stones in place. We use a variety of setting techniques, including prong, bezel, flush and channel setting to get your stones in securely.

6. Final Polish

Once all the stones are in place, the piece will be polished again to get the metal shiny and ready for you to wear!



Note: Not all custom design pieces go through all the steps. In some cases, we can find a pre-fabricated mounting that fits your design.