Who We Are

Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers is a full-service, locally owned jewelry store located in Historic Downtown Marquette, Michigan. As a second generation jeweler, owner Chris Wattsson grew up learning the trade. With 19 years of experience, Chris specializes in customized jewelry including engagement rings and wedding bands. In addition to custom work, Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers offers a variety of fine jewelry, Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University jewelry, repair services and fun! The Downtown Marquette storefront has a 100 ft. mining museum that features local mining history and gemological information. Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers was named InStore Magazine's America's Coolest Jewelry Store in 2004. 

Meet Marquette's Jeweler - Chris Wattsson

Chris started working at Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers in June 2001, the summer between his fifth and sixth-grade year. Growing up, Chris spent countless hours at the store learning jewelry repair and design after school, on weekends and during summer vacation. Following graduation from the Marquette Alternative High School, Chris started working full time as a bench jeweler.

He is our custom jewelry designer and bench jeweler. He makes the Superior Line, our Upper Peninsula necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. He also does all our repair work. 

Learn more about Chris in his My Life Instore Profile

History of Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers

Marquette, Michigan, circa 1985, was a magical era. It was then that Ron Wattsson’s current employer, Jean’s Jewelers, decided to close down their original shop and move up to the mall. Ron wanted to make a change. Not just any change, he wanted to create a unique line of jewelry for the people of Marquette to enjoy for years. His plan was to use the local gold from Ropes Gold Mine to create jewelry that was not only beautiful but sentimental in so many ways to the community. Ron also wanted to give his customers the experience to create their own custom pieces with guidance and care from his experienced staff. Wattsson and Wattsson Jewelers was born. 

The accomplishments of this store didn’t go unnoticed by the town of Marquette, the state of Michigan and the Jewelry Industry. Ron entered a design contest for a sesquicentennial coin for the State of Michigan and won. Wattsson and Wattsson Jewelers would also go on to win the Michigan Jewelry Associations Best in Show/Display two years in a row, the Jim Tretheway customer service award, Business of the year and America’s Coolest Jewelry Store. 

In April of 2010, Ron passed away leaving the store to his twin children, Chris Wattsson and Ruby Wattsson. The second generation is eternally grateful for the legacy he has left behind in loving hands.

The Onsite Mine

Ron was inspired by Walt Disney and loved his saying “make it fun and they will come.” Ron believed in that and pursued it in everything he did, including designing his jewelry store. It took countless days and nights, and some of the greatest people Ron had come to know, to build the ten-ton mine that still sits alongside the right wall of the store. The mine features displays about the areas mining history and Rope’s Gold Mine, artifacts from the mine itself, a case with minerals that glow under special lighting and fossilized dinosaur eggs. The 100 ft. mine is made of wood, mesh and plaster. 

We welcome school groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other youth programs to contact us at store@wandwjewelers.com or 906-228-5775 to set up a field trip.