Meet Lacee J. Hartzell, G.G. 

Lacee is the Sales Manager and GIA Graduate Gemologist at Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers in Downtown Marquette. According to the GIA Alumni Directory, Lacee is the only GIA Graduate Gemologist employed by a jewelry store in Marquette County. 

What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal from Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers is Lacee's written opinion of a piece's quality. Typically, an appraisal is for insurance purposes. The stones are graded to determine a replacement value based on the market prices. This information is important to assure that in the event of loss, the piece can be replaced.

Appraisal Pricing

Written appraisals include identification and grading of the stones in the piece. Pricing is based on the number and type of stones. Book an appointment with Lacee to get a free quote and start the assessment process. Written appraisals take approximately one week to complete.  

Looking to sell? Book a Sell Precious Metals (scrap) Appointment with Chris or stop into an Estate Buying Event with National Rarities

What people are saying about working with Lacee

Lacee has been my go to gemologist thru my engagement and onto adulting things like getting my wedding band and mom's ring appraised. She is honest and candid with me and has always given me stellar service, educating me along the way about how to take the best care of my jewelry. - Abigail 

I inherited an engagement ring from my grandmother. I had not idea what it was worth, if anything. My grandpa was known to be on the cheap side, so I figured it wasn't a big deal. Lacee was very understanding and took the job seriously, even though I though it  may not be real. Turns out, it was a really nice, although rather small, diamond. She provided all the paperwork I needed to get it insured. I was so happy she took the time to take on what could have been a pointless job. - Anonymous