We're Shining Brighter with New Lighting

Thank you to Michigan Energy Options for putting together this great story on our LED project!

When it comes to undertaking energy efficiency projects in historic buildings, preservation and persistence are key. Chris Wattsson, co-owner of Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers, knew that he wanted the store to be more energy efficient and was ready to act when he received a brochure from the Energy Optimization Program offered by the Marquette Board of Light & Power. 

“I was initially concerned that our chandeliers were so old that they wouldn’t be compatible with newer LEDs. Ultimately, we were able to replace the chandelier bases really easily, which made it possible to upgrade from incandescent to LED bulbs.” said Wattsson.

Better Lighting Means Better Business

Lighting is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways for businesses to save energy and money. It is also an important part of making a jewelry purchase, such as a diamond ring, shine. After Chris contacted the Energy Optimization Program to perform an on-site electrical energy assessment, together they identified several areas ripe for efficiency upgrades within the downtown business. A U.P. company that specializes in LED lighting designed a new lighting plan that not only enhances a customer’s shopping experience within the store’s showroom, but is also delivering a high return on investment to Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers. 

Another aspect of the project that appealed to Chris Wattsson was working together with their utility, the Marquette Board of Light & Power, and Energy Optimization Program staff. They made sure his project was done right and that he received rebates to defray some of the project’s up-front cost.

“I was really impressed with how committed everyone that I encountered was to energy optimization and efficiency. I was surprised that we were able to customize the LED strips that we needed to do the jewelry cases.” said Wattsson. “I was really happy that they were able to get the correct hue of the light, as we wanted a warmer feel.”

Less Maintenance, Lower Costs 

LEDs can last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use 80 percent less energy. “The amount of energy that the building is saving is remarkable. It’s a great return on investment and I feel great that our building is better for the environment,” said Wattsson. “The products we picked will last a long time, which cuts our costs and creates less waste.”

Energy Saving Actions:

  • Replaced 100 60-watt incandescent decorative candelabra-style bulbs with similar LED bulbs that use only seven watts

  • Replaced more than 100 20-watt halogen bulbs used for under-cabinet jewelry display lighting with special extruded under-cabinet LEDs

  • Replaced seven 35-watt incandescent MR16 bulbs with six-watt dimmable warm-white LED MR16 bulbs

  • Replaced standard T12 fluorescent tubes in custom overhead fixtures with LED tube replacements


    • Lowered electricity use by 26,000 kilowatt-hours per year

    • Received a $1,560 rebate from the Marquette Board of Light & Power’s Energy Optimization Program

    Energy savings and rebates for anyone

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