July's Birthstone: Ruby

Part of the "Precious Stone" family, Ruby is July's astounding birthstone. Renowned for its deep color, "Pigeon Blood" is the traditional term for the most sought-after color. In Sanskrit, Ruby is translated to ratnaraj, meaning the king of gems.

Associated with our most intense emotions, red commonly symbolizes love, anger, passion, power, and desire. Rubies were believed to hold the power of life because of its similarity to the color of blood. Ancient Hindus believed that if Rubies were offered to the god Krishna, they would be reborn as Emperors. 

 Ruby is the most valuable variety (commanding the highest price per carat) from the corundum family, which also includes Sapphire. Trace elements within corundum are what add hue to an otherwise colorless stone; the presence of chromium creates orangy red to a purplish red. 

While resting at a 9 on the Mohs Scale, Rubies are very durable, making them relatively ideal for every day wear, but without proper care, they are still subject to breakage. In 2012, a 6.02 carat Ruby Ring sold at auction for $551,000 per carat, setting a new record for the sale of colored stones.

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