Chris's January Bonus Pick - Sterling Silver Love Ring

Occasionally there are five weeks in a month, so Chris picks a piece that he makes in store to feature. In the spirit of gearing up for Valentine's Day, he picked the Sterling Silver Love Ring. He said "I like making this ring. Jewelry gives a tangible reminder of a moment to a person. Each individual that buys this ring has a different story as to why they are celebrating love. Hearing these stories is the best part of my job. I also like the font this ring features. It is what makes this ring stand out to me. I've seen many dainty love rings, but this bold, all capitol letters design really makes a statement. Not everyone's love is the same, so it's fun to make a ring that shows how big and bold love can be." Because it's made at Wattsson & Wattsson, the Love Ring can be made to order in white, yellow and rose gold in addition to sterling silver. 

Sterling Silver "Love" Ring - $35

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