Do you have any UP Gold left?

This might be the most frequently asked question we get. When we opened in 1985, we make all the Charmers and Superior Lines out of gold mined from the Ropes Gold Mine in Ishpeming, MI. When Ropes closed in 1991, we no longer had a supplier for UP Gold. 

We have less than 1 oz of pure 24k UP Gold remaining. Like commercially available gold, the pure 24k is alloyed down. We will only produce 14k UP Gold, which means 14 parts UP Gold and 10 parts alloy. We no longer produce 19k, as it would deplete our final ounce faster. 

Because UP Gold is scarce, it is priced at a premium. 

You can purchase a 14k UP Gold Upper Peninsula Pendant here. If you would like to explore creating a custom piece in UP Gold, please book an appointment with Chris to discuss your idea. 

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