Getting Janice Her Ring - Marquette County Mom Prom 2018

When the Chittle family was announced as the Marquette County Mom Prom recipient, we knew we had to change it up. In the past, we'd giving away a diamond at Mom Prom. It was really fun, and the winner was always excited, but we knew that the Chittle family would be really appreciated of a new ring.

Janice shared her story on our Facebook page after Mom Prom: "When Matt and I got married, we were just college students. All we could afford was a $80 sterling silver band from Kohls. I still loved it, but we both went in with the intentions of getting what I had really wanted in a couple years. But, then life happened. Will was born a month after our first anniversary, and a month after that was his first surgery. There was no way a ring was in the horizon anymore. I still wore that sterling silver band as long as I could, but a green ring around your finger is only cool so long!

So, Matt and I started going to Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelersevery year or two and just wander around and dream.
But, there was always a better way to spend that money than on a ring."

That's where we came in! Chris made and donated one of the rings on Janice's dream list to the family at Mom Prom, just in time for their 10th Anniversary. The ring features a 1 ct. Sky Blue Topaz surrounded by a Diamond halo set in 14k Rose Gold. 

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