2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We are excited to highlight some of the trends we've been seeing in store as we roll into the holiday season. 

These pieces make great gifts for your partner, sister, brother, mother, father, in-laws or someone else special in your life. The designs featured are available online and in our store located in Downtown Marquette.

Fancy Cut Gemstones

Fancy cut describes a gemstone in any shape but round. Rounds are still a popular choice, but we've been having more and more requests for other shapes like princess, emerald, and pear/tear drop. 


White Gold Green Tourmaline Pendant with Diamonds - $1,385

White Gold Emerald Cut Blue Zircon Stud Earrings with Diamonds - $1,400

White Gold Aquamarine with Diamond Halo Pendant - $3,150 pendant only, $3,390 pendant + 18 inch box chain (pictured)

Oval Halo Earrings

This style of earring has been flying off the shelf! They are a big look in genuine gemstones, adding a fun pop of color. There are matching pendants and rings available. 


White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings - $460

 White Gold Blue Topaz Halo Stud Earrings - $585

Engagement Rings with Personality 

Instead of doing a full custom engagement ring, we have designs that bring a unique look without the custom timeline. Little things like setting the stone north-south or adding colored stones to the band are a great way to achieve a different style without a big modification to a design. 


White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Ring with Milgrain Edges - $2,775

White Gold Floral Design Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring - $2,045

Upper Peninsula Inspired Designs


Polished Yellow Gold Upper Peninsula Pendant - $175 pendant only (pictured), $415 pendant + 18 inch box chain


This pair of earrings has sold. Nugget earrings are one of a kind, so this exact pair cannot be replicated. View other pairs. Prices range from $160 - $425. 

Yellow Gold Upper Peninsula Outline Pendant - $100 pendant only, $340 pendant + 18 inch box chain (pictured)

Stackable Rings

A fun way to mix and match your jewelry, stackable bands can be worn on their own or with other rings. 


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