How to make a Wishlist

 Happy Wishlist Week! This year, we've added an online version of our wishlists to provide a safe at home but fun way to participate in Wishlist Week/Ladies Week Out in Downtown Marquette. 

Every night at 6 p.m. from November 15-21, 2020, we'll be giving a way a gift certificate to someone that has made a wishlist. 

How to get started

Browse our website and find a piece you like. Click on the piece to pull up it's project page. Under the Add to Cart button, you'll see an Add to Wishlist button. Click that button.

When you click the Add to Wishlist button, you'll be prompted to log in or create an account on our website. We need you to log in is to make sure we have your contact information if you win! After you enter this information, the piece will be on your wishlist. You can click the Wishlist button on the menu to see all the pieces you've added. On the Wishlist page, you'll see options to share your list via email or social media. This is not required to be entered into the drawing, but we sure do appreciate it!

We have heard from a few people using wide screen desktops or laptops that the "I am not a robot" box shows up under our logo. We're working on getting this fixed. Until then, if you drag your window to half the screen, it will push the box out from under the logo so you can finalize creating your account. After that, you can make your window full screen again. 

If you have any issues or questions about making an online wishlist, please message us though web chat, text us at 906-228-5775 or email 

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