Places to Propose - Black Rocks

Black Rocks, located on Presque Isle, may be the most known place to get engaged in Marquette. Many couples that we work with pop the question while visiting this famous Marquette landmark. It’s easily accessible by car, with a number of great places to get down on one knee. 

To the right of the parking area, you’ll find a beautiful cove. The cliffs of Black Rocks tower over the pebble beach, creating a romantically shaded spot. It’s a great semi private area with a beautiful view of the lake. 

If you head left of the parking area, you’ll walk down a short trail to get out on the rocks. The top of Black Rocks provides a pristine view of Lake Superior. The dark blue tones of the lake are extremely vibrant at this spot, creating a beautiful backdrop. 

Because you’re able to drive to Black Rocks, it’s a very accessible spot to propose. If you want to invite family and friends, it’s a large area. It’s also just around the corner from Sunset Point, where there is a small pavilion. You could have a small celebration immediately following your proposal.   

Things to consider:

  • Many people jump off Black Rocks in the summer. If it’s a hot day, this will not be an empty spot surrounded by nature. It will have more of a happy, party vibe. Parking may also be difficult.

  • Black flies are known to be thick in this area some times of the year. It’s a good idea to scope it out before you decide if this is a place to propose. Swatting black flies may distract your sweetie from what’s happening. 

  • The rocks can be significantly windier than other areas of town. Check the wind forecast before venturing out. 

  • The rocks get slippery when wet. Be cautious if you head out after a rain shower. 

Did you get engaged at Black Rocks? Send your photo to or use #wandwjewelers and you may be featured on a future blog. 

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