Places to Propose - Yellow Dog Falls

One of the best parts of our job is hearing how couples get engaged. On many occasions, we’ve been ask how we feel about getting engaged at (insert name of cool place in Marquette here).

We’re excited to launch a new monthly blog series that will highlight places we think would be perfect for proposals. If you have an idea on a great place for us to cover, let us know

First up, we’re taking a look a Yellow Dog Falls.

Where exactly is Yellow Dog Falls? Travel Marquette has a great waterfall guide that gives way better instructions that we ever could. Check it out.

Once you arrive, you’re in for about a 20 minute hike to the falls. There are a few bridges made from logs, so be prepared. This isn't a place to wear high heels. You'll approach the falls from the top, which allows for a romantic break before you reach what we believe is the optimum spot to propose.


When you reach the bottom of falls, you'll see a flat rock that you can walk out onto near the base. This provides for a beautiful backdrop of the waterfall. (When we visited, the rock was dry so it was safe to go out on. If it’s wet, it may be slippery so use your judgment.)


There is a cove on that land that could fit 5-7 people, so you could invite family members to witness your engagement or a photographer to capture the moment.


There are a few drawbacks to getting engaged at Yellow Dog Falls. Like we mentioned, it’s a bit of a hike, so wear active clothing. There isn’t any cell phone service, so an immediate call to your family to let them know the good news wouldn’t be possible. It’s a also a somewhat long drive to find the falls, so if you’re nervous about proposing, keep that in mind.

Did you get engaged at Yellow Dog Falls? We'd love to highlight your engagement story. Send your photos to and you may be included in an upcoming post. 

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