Places to Propose - Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls is one of Chris’s favorite spots to hike. The falls are located just over an hour from Marquette, on the Sturgeon River. Canyon Falls can be accessed from a road side park off of US-41. Chris loves the linear beauty of the limestone canyon, which is reflected in some of his custom designs. 

Once you’ve parked, there is a trail to follow for about 10 minutes. The trail is well traveled, with boardwalks covering large areas of mud. There were still a few muddy spots, so make sure a casual engagement is something that would be acceptable. Hiking boots, or at least tennis shoes, are necessary for this hike.  

There are plenty of great places to get down on one knee on this walk. The trail has many offshoots to get down to flat rocks near the water. There are also a number of benches, if you prefer do propose seated.

Our favorite spot is a flat rock overlooking the canyon, just past the falls. The river creates a beautiful backdrop, and you’re far enough away from the falls that you can hear. There are also great viewpoints of the overlook from the side and across the canyon. If you want a photographer to snap a few candid photos, this spot provides easy hiding places.


Things to consider:
  • This is a very popular trail. Expect to see people. If you’re thinking of a private proposal, this is not the place for you.
  • Depending on where you propose, it can be difficult to hear over the raging falls. If you plan on giving a speech, make sure you are in a spot where you don’t have to yell.
  • The rocks get slippery when wet. Be cautious if you head out after a rain shower. 
  • Cell phone service is spotty. You will have to wait to get back to the parking lot to make a phone call.
 Did you get engaged at Canyon Falls? Send your photo to or use #wandwjewelers and you may be featured on a future blog.

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