The Care and Keeping of Pearls

Pearls are an organic gemstone and require special care so they can last a lifetime. While they are stunning, they can also be very fragile to daily wear. As with a lot of other jewelry, Pearl pieces should be taken off when washing hands, doing dishes, or any activity that will subject them to rough wear. 

Because of the nature of the Pearl, they should also be the last thing put on before walking out the door. Perfumes, hairsprays, and lotions can eat away the nacre on the pearl, leaving a lifeless, lackluster piece behind. Pearls should be stored in a soft, cloth pouch, rather than a plastic bag, and shouldn't be store near a direct source of heat, and never in a very dry room, as they require a little moisture to stay looking beautiful.

Finally, if cleaning your pearl is required, lukewarm water and a soft cloth are generally what is recommended. Never use harsh cleaners such as bleach, glass cleaner, or other household chemicals. With proper care, the glowing luster of Pearls is only enriched and intensified over time, making wear just as important as care. 

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