Do you have any UP Gold left?

This might be the most frequently asked question we get. When we opened in 1985, we make all the Charmers and Superior Lines out of gold mined from the Ropes Gold Mine in Ishpeming, MI. When Ropes closed in 1991, we no longer had a supplier for UP Gold. 

We have less than 1 oz of pure 24k UP Gold remaining. Like commercially available gold, the pure 24k is alloyed down. We will only produce 14k UP Gold, which means 14 parts UP Gold and 10 parts alloy. We no longer produce 19k, as it would deplete our final ounce faster. 

Because UP Gold is scarce, it is priced at a premium. 

You can purchase a 14k UP Gold Upper Peninsula Pendant here. If you would like to explore creating a custom piece in UP Gold, please book an appointment with Chris to discuss your idea. 

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

We're back with our annual list of gift ideas. We love sharing the looks that are fashionable and fun. This year, we've categorized them into a few trending categories. These pieces make great gifts for your partner, sister, brother, mother, father, in-laws or someone else special in your life. These designs are available online and in our store located in Downtown Marquette. 

Rose Gold

The requests for rose gold keep coming! Rose gold is alloyed with copper to give it a pinkish tint. We love the look of rose gold with diamonds, morganite, amethyst, and blue topaz. All Superior Line pieces can be made in rose gold, too! 

Rose Gold Split Shank Oval Diamond Engagement Ring - Sold


Morganite is a pale pink colored stone that has been developing a following from those interested in a colored stone engagement ring. Morganite, named after JP Morgan, is a member of the Beryl family, like Emerald and Aquamarine. 

Rose Gold Oval Morganite Ring with Diamond Halo - $2,400


Animal jewelry is a fun way to celebrate a love for the outdoors. From aquatic animals to birds to bugs, designers are using stones to create unique interpretations of our favorite animals.

 Sterling Silver Owl Pendant with Chain - Sold

Bold Colors 

Make a statement with a boldly colored gemstone! Vibrant gemstones are great accessories for both special occasions and everyday wear. These three pieces are fun, festive colors that can be worn in any season. 

White Gold Ruby and Diamond Halo Pendant - Sold


Modern Twist on Classic Designs

Classic pieces are great because they can be worn for many occasions. Designers modify the classics to give them a contemporary feel without losing the feel of the all-purpose accessory. 

White Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring with Princess Cut Diamonds - Sold

Upper Peninsula Designs

Our Upper Peninsula Pendants are a great gift for the U.P. lover in your life. Solid pendants can be converted to lapel pins or tie-tacks. We offer a variety of designs. These have been the most requested. 


Polished White Gold Upper Peninsula Pendant - $175

Yellow Gold Upper Peninsula Nugget Ring - $350

Sterling Silver Upper Peninsula Dangle Earrings - $75 

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Free Silicone Bands for First Responders

We've teamed up with Jewelry Innovations, manufacturer and distributer of fine jewelry and developer of high-tech jewelry alloys, to help first responders stay safe while wearing jewelry on the job. The company is providing free silicone rings for America’s first responders – police, firefighters and paramedics – along with ring removal tools, instructions, and basic ring safety tips for both on and off the job.


“The program’s goal is to help keep safe the ones who keep all of us safe” said Harry Rosenthal, CEO of Jewelry Innovations.  “We started this pretty casually in one small city, and it just took off.  Now there are retailers sponsoring first responders in communities all across America.”

“I’ve heard so many horror stories of ring removal in the field,” said our owner Chris Wattsson. “As a pyrotechnician, I get to meet a lot of the men and women serving our community as first responders. When I heard about this program, I knew it was something I wanted to provide to first responders in Marquette County, and eventually the entire Upper Peninsula.”

We worked with Jewelry Innovations to  assemble kits that include ring removal equipment and safety instructions. This year, we plan to get the safety tools to 10 organizations, including EMS, Fire Departments, Sheriff and the US Coast Guard. "We're starting with EMS," Chris said, "as they focus on stabilizing injuries right away. If there's an injury and the ring needs to come off, they will likely be there. In October, I'll be getting kits for Fire Departments, Sheriff Special Ops and the US Coast Guard in Marquette. Each year, I'd like to focus on a different counties, eventually getting these safety tools to all first responders in the Upper Peninsula."

In addition, all EMS, Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Coast Guard members can stop into Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers with proof of their status as a first responder (badge, employee ID card, etc.) to order a free silicone rubber ring. All first responders serving the Upper Peninsula are welcome order. The deadline to be included in the next order is Friday, November 30. We plan to order at least quarterly.

“There are circumstances in which wearing a metal ring is just not safe, including the jobs of most police, firefighters and paramedics.  We hope that providing these first responders with silicone rubber rings will help keep them just a little bit safer on the job.  It’s a way for the jewelry industry to show its appreciation to first responders and give something back to the community.”  


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Downtown Marquette Ladies Night 2018

Ladies Night is Thursday, November 15!

Come ready to shop! For the first time every, we'll have a Ladies Night Only clearance case. You'll find a number of pieces marked 30% off from 4-8 p.m. 

You can also fill out your wish list! This year's grand prize is an item off your wish list valued up to $500. Check out this graphic on how to enter. 

Not feeling the wish list? You can also enter to win gift cards by getting a pink ticket. 

We'll have apple cider with mulling spices from Spice Merchants. 

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So you're thinking about getting an engagement ring

Congratulations! Engagement ring shopping is a time of celebration. We're here to help you understand the ins and outs of buying a piece of jewelry that will be worn every day.  At Wattsson & Wattsson, we offer three ways to select the perfect ring. This blog is an overview of the three options you have when shopping with us. 

1. Rings in stock

We stock a number of ready-to-go engagement rings. These rings feature live stones and are ready to be worn. These rings cannot be customized. What you see is what you're buying. These rings can be sized to fit before or after you propose. These rings are available in store and online. Shop rings in stock

2. Customized from prototypes

Prototypes are plated rings with a CZ center stone. We asked you a few questions about the styles you'd like to see, and then go over samples. These can be customized to fit different center stones and can be made in different metal types. We also bring in a number of diamonds for you to look at. Chris, our owner and jeweler, or Lacee, our GIA Diamonds Graduate, will meet with you to look at stones under the microscope. You can also use your own stone with this option. Once you select and customize the prototype and select your center stone we order your setting and Chris sets your center stone. This option can be ordered in the size or sized after your proposal. Ready to look at prototypes? Book an appointment.

3. Full custom design

Can't find the perfect ring in stock or in the prototype collection? Chris specializes in custom design. He will meet with you to review your design. There is no design fee and you can use your gold and stones! Once you approve the design, the ring will be cast, the stones will be set and, in 2-3 weeks, your dream ring will be completed. You can create the ring in the size you need, or it can be sized after you get engaged. Want to go custom? Chris works with custom design clients in-store and virtually. Book an appointment with Chris

Have questions? You can call or text us at 906-228-5775 or email us at 

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