How to make a Wishlist

 Happy Wishlist Week! This year, we've added an online version of our wishlists to provide a safe at home but fun way to participate in Wishlist Week/Ladies Week Out in Downtown Marquette. 

Every night at 6 p.m. from November 15-21, 2020, we'll be giving a way a gift certificate to someone that has made a wishlist. 

How to get started

Browse our website and find a piece you like. Click on the piece to pull up it's project page. Under the Add to Cart button, you'll see an Add to Wishlist button. Click that button.

When you click the Add to Wishlist button, you'll be prompted to log in or create an account on our website. We need you to log in is to make sure we have your contact information if you win! After you enter this information, the piece will be on your wishlist. You can click the Wishlist button on the menu to see all the pieces you've added. On the Wishlist page, you'll see options to share your list via email or social media. This is not required to be entered into the drawing, but we sure do appreciate it!

We have heard from a few people using wide screen desktops or laptops that the "I am not a robot" box shows up under our logo. We're working on getting this fixed. Until then, if you drag your window to half the screen, it will push the box out from under the logo so you can finalize creating your account. After that, you can make your window full screen again. 

If you have any issues or questions about making an online wishlist, please message us though web chat, text us at 906-228-5775 or email 

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Curbside Service FAQ

Where do I schedule a drop off or pick up time?

Schedule your time here

Do I have to come at the start of my scheduled time?

No, you can arrive anytime in the 30 minute range you select. When you park on Washington Street, please call us at 906-228-5775 and let us know you’re here! 

What information do I need to drop off a jewelry repair or custom design job?

We will need the following information for drop offs prior to your time range:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Phone
  • Would you prefer to be contacted via call or text
  • Estimated value of your piece

We will request this information from you when we confirm your time range. 

What information do I need to pick up a jewelry repair or purchase?

We will need your job number or order number. We will request this information when we confirm your time range. 

I lost my white slip. Can I still pick up my piece?

Yes, but we will need your ID and it will have to match the information on the job envelope.

Do I have to pay when I drop off?

No, but you will have to pay in full prior to work starting on your piece. Chris will contact you via the method you select with a quote, at which time you can pay or request your piece be returned with no work done to it. We are only accepting credit or debit card payments at this time. You can pay over the phone or we can send you a custom checkout online, if preferred. 

I’m here but I didn’t make an appointment. Can you help me?

Priority is given to customers that have made an appointment. You can still call us at 906-228-5775 and we’ll be with you as soon as we can.

Are you doing this all day?

Curbside service is available from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday – Friday. If this time range doesn’t work for you, please text us at 906-228-5775 or email and we can coordinate shipping. 

I’d like to browse pieces. Can I do this from my car?

No, we will not bring unpurchased inventory outside of the store. If you are uncomfortable coming into the store, we’re happy to do a video call with you to show you pieces, but you have to purchase in full or be approved for financing before it leaves the store.  

Can I get my ring cleaned?

Yes! We're still offering free jewelry cleaning service, but it will not be done while you wait. We're taking extra precautions to sterilize jewelry and our equipment. Because of this, Chris is only working on one piece of jewelry at a time. Your ring will be serviced when the equipment is free, and stored in our safe until you pick it up. 

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Free Silicone Bands for First Responders

We've teamed up with Jewelry Innovations, manufacturer and distributer of fine jewelry and developer of high-tech jewelry alloys, to help first responders stay safe while wearing jewelry on the job. The company is providing free silicone rings for America’s first responders – police, firefighters and paramedics – along with ring removal tools, instructions, and basic ring safety tips for both on and off the job.


“The program’s goal is to help keep safe the ones who keep all of us safe” said Harry Rosenthal, CEO of Jewelry Innovations.  “We started this pretty casually in one small city, and it just took off.  Now there are retailers sponsoring first responders in communities all across America.”

“I’ve heard so many horror stories of ring removal in the field,” said our owner Chris Wattsson. “As a pyrotechnician, I get to meet a lot of the men and women serving our community as first responders. When I heard about this program, I knew it was something I wanted to provide to first responders in Marquette County, and eventually the entire Upper Peninsula.”

We worked with Jewelry Innovations to  assemble kits that include ring removal equipment and safety instructions. This year, we plan to get the safety tools to 10 organizations, including EMS, Fire Departments, Sheriff and the US Coast Guard. "We're starting with EMS," Chris said, "as they focus on stabilizing injuries right away. If there's an injury and the ring needs to come off, they will likely be there. In October, I'll be getting kits for Fire Departments, Sheriff Special Ops and the US Coast Guard in Marquette. Each year, I'd like to focus on a different counties, eventually getting these safety tools to all first responders in the Upper Peninsula."

In addition, all EMS, Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Coast Guard members can stop into Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers with proof of their status as a first responder (badge, employee ID card, etc.) to order a free silicone rubber ring. All first responders serving the Upper Peninsula are welcome order.  We plan to order at least quarterly.

“There are circumstances in which wearing a metal ring is just not safe, including the jobs of most police, firefighters and paramedics.  We hope that providing these first responders with silicone rubber rings will help keep them just a little bit safer on the job.  It’s a way for the jewelry industry to show its appreciation to first responders and give something back to the community.”  


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Valentine's Day Specials 2020

This year, our Valentine's Day specials feature classic designs that can be worn for all occasions!

Looking for an idea on what to do on Valentine's Day? Check out our Date Night in Marquette guide! 

$25 Sterling Silver Love Knot Earrings

Shop Love Knot Earrings

$50 Sterling Silver Sliding Pearl Necklace 

Shop Sliding Pearl Necklace

$100 14k White Gold Black Diamond Earrings

Shop Black Diamond Earrings

Visit the Valentine's Collection for more ideas! 

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Take Your Jewelry Off

I know it's hard to imagine a jeweler saying this, but I want you to take your jewelry off. Not all the time, but when you're doing these everyday activities:

  1. Cleaning - chemicals used around the house, like bleach and ammonia, can damage metal and gemstones. Hitting your ring against metal pots and pans while doing dishes can misshape the setting and cause damage to prongs.
  2. Putting on lotion or sunscreen - not only can the lotion or sunscreen take away the sparkle of your stone, certain porous stones like Opal and Pearl can be damaged. 
  3. Applying hairspray or perfume - it's easy to leave your necklace on while you're getting ready, but don't do it. Hairspray and perfume build up and eat away at the metal, weakening your chain. They can also strip the plating off of a gold or rhodium plated piece. 
  4. Swimming - chlorine reacts with most metals and can cause corrosion a pitting. This can lead to chains breaking and prongs dissolving. It will also eat way any plating, including rhodium and lacquer, which will discolor your piece.
  5. At the gym - repeatedly hitting your ring against equipment can cause the shape to become deformed. This causes breaks in the metal and loose stones.  Silicone bands are a great option for individuals that spend a lot of time being active. 
  6. Hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc. - although diamonds are extremely hard, they have a fracture point. If you are out in the woods and hit your ring against a rock at the correct angle, it could crack or possibly even shatter. You could also bend your prongs or scratch a softer stone.

This is not an all inclusive list, but does cover the top causes of damages that come in locally. I love working on jewelry, but hate to see preventable injuries coming into the shop. For more information on getting your jewelry fixed, visit our Repair page

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